The world is full of wonders and beauty as God had planned for it. His creation magnifies His glory and displays that He is truly an amazing God.

Last time, we did a night trekking at Mt. Puting Bato in the paradise-like island of Samal. It was an extraordinary experience and an opportunity to be part of this breath taking activity. This activity enabled me to bond with other colleagues of the ministry and we were able to know more on each other.

Climbing at night is tricky, yet, it was challenging. This activity were participated by 16 strong men of God. We were divided into two groups and it was my opportunity to lead the team for it was my second time to climb but its far way different because we did our last climb in daylight. It requires an extra strength, good listening skills to listen from instruction and have faith on one another for us to make it through the peak.

On our way up, I realized that being a leader, you are accountable to your subordinates and you should lead the team accordingly by giving them clear instruction and an example for them to follow. One single mistake would cause us into trouble, taking into account that we were heading on a tricky cliff and slippery, rocky slope part of the mountain.

We passed through tall grasses and in some instance we were unable to distinguish the way up and barely see each other. However, that was just part of the game that we should coordinate to one another.

The most challenging part of the mountain that we had to cross out is the place they called “Biak na bato”. It’s the part of the mountain where the mountain itself is divided for about one or two feet apart. I must utter this gratitude to God that we were safely guided and passed through that part with less commotion I might say.

Alas! After those challenges along the way, we had touched down the peak. We planned already that we will rest in the peak till morning and we were struggling to sleep but still we solved the problem. It was raining slightly that time.

Around 3:00 in the morning, rain stopped and countless stars took my attention. We did star gazing that moment. That moment, I came up to some realization and appreciation that God is indeed artistic that He even created these sparkling particles in the sky.


In the morning, cold breeze touched my skin and even penetrated to the inner core of my existence. Fogs covered up the surrounding and later on, it fades away as soon as the sun gone brighter.

We never let go that atmosphere to pass through. We seized that very opportunity of having our most precious, which is to meditate on His word.

Later on, it started getting hotter and everything was clear. What amazed me the most is that we were now able to spot the beautiful scene down the mountain area. Being on the peak, you can see the eye-opening picture of how the land meets the ocean. That moment made me sing “I could sing of your love forever.”

The Lord is indeed faithful and great on us. He has blessed us with many things. His creations represent His love and being part of it is overwhelming. Having this in mind, we have no particular reason to conceal our obligation to bring Him back what He deserves.

Actually, we did many things as we head back home. Yes, indeed it was a fun-filled adventure yet a tiresome day and I thank God for keeping as safe.

It was a moment to be remembered and I will cherish it. This activity encouraged me to be strong in the Lord and firm in my leadership.


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